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Water Damage Services for Wichita Homes and Businesses

Wichita KS Water Damage has been providing homes and businesses in the Wichita area with expert water damage services. A family-owned and -operated business, we have earned our many years of success by providing not only the highest-quality professional restoration services but also unparalleled experience and exceptional customer service that sets us apart.

We are the preferred service provider for many major insurance companies and the most recommended by insurance adjusters, agents, and previous customers.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage to homes and businesses is an emergency that must be responded to quickly to avoid further damage. This is the reason we respond so quickly to restoration needs in the Wichita area. Our certified technicians use state-of-the-art technologies, processes, and best practices to reverse the initial damage and prevent secondary damage from the following culprits:

  • Freshwater
  • Rainwater or other water intrusions
  • Sewer water

Wichita KS Water Damage specializes in managing impure floodwater that can be disastrous for basements and foundations. Water contaminated with organic waste, toxic chemicals, fertilizers, parasites, and germs is more than just destructive to the structure, it can be extremely hazardous to health, causing illness or even death from exposure. It is imperative to leave the cleanup to professionals who can deal with the emergency safely and effectively.

Content Cleaning

Water damage can result in extensive losses of personal belongings, many that are irreplaceable. We have the skill, experience, and technology to salvage many possessions—even those that customers believe to be damaged beyond repair. With our ultrasonic cleaning method and odor removal processes, we can clean and restore all types of surfaces with remarkable success. Call us for any type of water damage repair in Wichita or the surrounding areas.

Mold Remediation

Too often, a water damage problem that seemed manageable at the time can turn out to be a very big problem later. Mold growth can present serious health hazards that require the services of professionally trained and equipped technicians to evaluate, clean up, and restore safe, healthy air quality. Wichita KS Water Damage is the leading provider of mold remediation services in the Wichita area, recommended by the health department and insurance companies.

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